Day 1 – The Sartorialist Project

Categories: Work in Progress
Written By: Kirstin

We commenced the project today. Learnt a lot about life already. For some reason we didn’t photograph many women? Not sure why. Either way – this is bringing me back to the roots of photography and I love it. Met some rad old people as well.

Love it.

PS. Sorry about the the photos of us. I hate it when they do that as well.


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  1. Nina Says:


  2. kellyestelle Says:

    love it, really good photos! XXX

  3. dom Says:

    cool, i reckon bill dyson would have loved it!
    Whats behind it all?? Loving redruth ha ha ! XXXX

  4. Mark Says:

    As someone who has just taken up photography as a hobby I am always keen to see how the pros do it. Came across your website and have to say truly inspirational. I am a great believer in composition over megapixels and your wedding shots certainly prove that.

    I can shoot a DSLR as good as anybody but it is an art to get the content right. Certainly the best ‘local’ photographer I have come across.


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