Location fashion photoshoot for Sisley, Falmouth.

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Written By: Kirstin

Lanzarote. Nina Eastham. Sisley. Bien combo!

Currently in the first stage of shooting for Falmouth’s Sisley store’s forthcoming mail order website which is currently in the draft stage over at Liminal Design Studios. I still have to shoot one more location, with model Sophie Mc Donnald.

I’ll post some more as and when, along with the website link when it’s live.

After researching Sisley, the Italian female casual wear brand. I found myself in awe of their photography. I had to refine my approach in order to do it justice, and fit in with the brands style.  So, we flew to the lava fields of Lanzarote, where I knew the ingredients would compliment each other perfectly.

15 Responses to “Location fashion photoshoot for Sisley, Falmouth.”

  1. chris78cpr Says:

    love them.

    inspires me to shoot more natural light.

  2. ciscopro Says:

    i always love natural light…good work, very natural pics

  3. Gunslinger Says:


  4. TJ Krusinski Says:

    These are really nice, great work

  5. Ian Says:

    Wow, Love the natural look. I would love to get into a similar processing I need to play around with LR more.

  6. Suzi Winter Says:

    I love these shots Kirstin, and wow Nina looks amazing!

  7. Matt Khoury Says:

    awesome… all i can say. awesome.

  8. jfinite Says:

    Sweet, I love the light, airy feel of these shots. Oh, the model helps too :)

  9. weezintrumpete Says:

    I enjoyed these a lot! Great use of natural light, something to aspire to!

  10. william carter Says:

    These are just tremendously well done. I’m truly impressed.

  11. giantdave Says:

    Amazing job. I like that you did it with just primes. makes me want to use mine more!

  12. Ferris Wheel Says:

    loving two and three the best by far! gorgeous girl with amazing legs.

  13. JakeB Says:

    I really love the posing and look in # 3, but I wish it were composed with her off center a bit more.
    I really like #4 as well. Fabulous set

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  15. MarkoS Says:

    I love the #3 and #4 too. Lanzarote surroundings really add up nicely…

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