Meet Skippy – Advertising Portrait.

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Written By: Kirstin

If you were wondering who shot the Beachbeat ad, and came up with the copy. Wonder no longer… Hands up, it was me. I love it when a surf brand use something other than aspirational surf action image to sell their wares. One of my favourite surf ads was by Oxbow. It had Laird ‘I own the Sea and I am brave’ Hamilton, standing in-front of a Dam holding a surfboard with a dynamite plunger in his hand… ready to blow the dam and ride the massive torrent. Wowsers.

As soon as the deviant/pro surfer/Beachbeat surfboard technician, Shaun ‘Skippy’ Skilton heard his employers were using this portrait in an ad, he shaved his hair off to avoid recognition. Not sure why, this is a claimer if ever I’ve seen one.

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Pitpilot Magazine

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