Kirstin Prisk is a freelance photographer based on the fiercely beautiful North Coast of Cornwall. He’s been in full swing since 2004.

Education: BA (Hons) Photography

95-2004: RNLI Lifeguard, Semi Professional Body boarder/travelling (Quiksilver 98-03 / Ripcurl 03-07) Basically took my retirement when I was young…
2003-2006: Degree 2.1 Award winning final major project ‘600mm’ Magazine
2006 to date: Professional photographer specialising in weddings and family lifestyle

Career achievements/Commissions
Principle photographer on the Royal Rota, celebrity’s, private parties. Once of the most complimentary aspects of my job is that professional photographers/film makers/fashion stylists/artists and fellow wedding photographers hire me on a regular basis for their own weddings/family lifestyle etc. It was a great honour that Princess Diana’s personal photographer (for over a decade) commissioned me to capture his own intimate wedding at the Scarlet Hotel. I was also asked to documented some of Damian Hirst’s projects.

I’ve been a friend of Bill W since 2002. I continue to work my life around the surf forecast, and my new favourite past time is walking my dog whist listening to audio books, currently strolling to ‘The Power of Now’.  My favourite photographer is Martin Parr, sometimes.. Fav quote: Damian Hirst “I always feel like the art’s there and I just see it, so it’s not really a lot of work.

Wedding Style & Approach

Style-wise; think a photojournalist’s eye meets a graphic designers need for balance, with a little of Martin Parr’s wondering in the wings waiting for artistic coincidences thrown in.
Approach-wise; I always bring in a little of the Cornish landscape when I can, as I assume that’s part of the reason for choosing Cornwall as your wedding location. I opt to arrange myself rather than arrange you. That way you experience your wedding, and not a 10 hour photo shoot. This approach assures authentic captures, and gives me the challenges I need to keep me on my toes. That’s when the magic happens.
Commercial Photography

There’s nothing I like better than seeing my work help grown and define a brand. I welcome the chance to consult at concept development, or you can hand me a brief and sit back and relax. I as comfortable handling complex lighting in the studio as I am floating in the surf with my water housing. I’ve been trusted as the principle photographer on the Royal Rota. Flown overseas to shoot look books. Turned around PR photos for national press in an instant. Whatever it is, I bring the same honesty, reliability and performance to each brief.

Editorial & Commercial  Clients

  Google, Nike, Footlocker, Nitrogroup, Zed’s Surfing Adventures, Telegraph Style Magazine, Miracle Theatre, Port Eliot Estate, St Aubyns Estates, Carve, Wavelength, Surfing (USA), Surferspath, St Moritz Hotel, A-Side Studio, The Guild of Sage & Smith, Heartlands, RNLI, The National Trust, BOEX 3D Creative, Ripcurl, Saloman, Volcom, Beachbeat Surfboards, Aloha, Hurley, Helemill, Allen & Heath UKNetWeb, Safer Cornwall, CUC, Gradsouthwest, Surfgirl, The Bridal House of Cornwall, Amanda K Bridal, Elle Decoration.
The Watergate Bay Hotel, Woodstock, Tom Raffield, Sideways, Headforwards Solutions Ltd, The Guild of Sage & Smith, Foundry Hill Ltd, Wed Magazine Cornwall, Industries LTD (NZ), The Hotel Tresanton, Mirri Damer, Emily Nixon, Another Place Developments Ltd, Live Magazine, Event Cornwall, Front magazine, Krowji, Lusty Glaze Beach, Merchants Mannor, Mother Tongue Ltd, No.4 Perterville, Rockfish, Stranger Collective LLP, The Lounge, Trevornick Holiday Park, The Emerald Cornwall, The Cornish Gin Distillery Ltd.

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