Laura and Mitch’s televised wedding

As you probably saw on TV. This was a fun wedding. Mitch and Laura make a very sweet couple as well.
Don’t tell the Bride Weddings are not a forte of mine and after having a crew of 10 strong in the way, while I’m trying to create some stunning professional wedding photos was basically a massive challenge. On top of this stress, Laura and her Dad are wedding photographers! I was waiting the producer to suggest I did it blindfolded…Would make great T.V…

Being a documentarian at heart – which usually goes hand in hand with wedding photography – I had to keep policing my urge to go all Martin Parr, pan out and tell the real story, film crew an’ all. But being a professional with a reputation for high-end wedding photography results, whatever the weather; I had to knuckle down and work around the clutter. To be honest I actually enjoy high pressure jobs, and I’m just moaning like a little baby for the sake of it…However! The next time someone asks me to do a Don’t tell the Bride wedding, they might want to practice their begging skills before hand, and think about making a wedding dress out of an old bed sheet because, if you want my skills, you aren’t going to have any of that 10k left… Seriously though – you aren’t.


One last thing – the dress was a massive hit. Good effort Mitch! Jenny Packham baby.

Thanks for reading that ramble. Call me. Love you. Kirstin

Don’t Tell The Bride