18th December 2010 – St Agnes & The Rose in Vale Hotel, Mithian, Cornwall.
You’ll find that if a Bride wants something, like a wedding on the 18th of December, in Cornwall, nothing stands in the way. Not even nature.

Hat off to Mel, for playing bad weather Russian Roulette, with only one chamber empty…

As most of their guests were travelling from London, and the like, Mel & Rusty looked a little worried when we met the week prior to the wedding. As you’ll no doubt remember, the snow was causing travel chaos, and it looked like only a handful of people may be able to make it. Cue Dunkirk Spirit!

Turns out - The guests all made it. The light was amazing. The atmosphere was electric. Love love love love LOVE!
...and then they went to HAWAII!

Thanks for looking. kp