29th May 2010

Wiggy (Sam) is a good friend of mine. Unfortunately he moved to London, where he now works in film production. On a brighter note he’s shooting a film in Cornwall soon, and I’m going to help out. Excited.

Their Wedding took place in a Marquee at the old SAS Ball ground in St Agnes, Cornwall.

I wasn’t asked to shoot this one, but couldn’t resist bringing my camera.  Was nice to just shoot from the hip. Even brought the old Yashica 6×6 out for a play.

My Fiancée was at the opening parties in Ibiza, probably thinking she was having a better time than me… Unlikely Ibiza had a Rasta playing ‘Solid as a Rock’ on vinyl though.

I even lurked around the dance floor shooting video – and look what I found:


Mairi, JK, and their new puppy, Ace!

Love love x

Doctor Daniel Stirling I presume?

Chops dancing. That’s Chops. Dancing.

Thirsty for more???

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