14th June 2012



[zilla_one_third] Well what can I say. Despite the worst weather you could pretty much have for a wedding, this experience will go down in my mind as one of the happiest gatherings I’ve attended. [/zilla_one_third] [zilla_one_third] We did try and head outside for a few photos in what looked like a break in the rain… 2 minutes later we were scrambling for cover (see above photo). It occurred to me that it the weather was a blessing in disguise as it really did add a great cosy intimate family atmosphere. Good times all the way and a pleasure to be a part of. [/zilla_one_third] [zilla_button url=”https://www.kirstinprisk.co.uk/Galleries/st-mawes-wedding-photography/” style=”black” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_self”] View Gallery [/zilla_button]















































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